• What makes Maid EZ different to other cleaning companies?
  • What makes Maid EZ different to other cleaning companies?
    Our customers love their experience dealing with Maid EZ, with four main areas that separate us from our competitors:
    Ease – With instant online pricing, cleaning quotes and bookings for service is minimized, and our time is maximized on cleaning. Simply enter your home configuration, cleaning type, populate our check-out form, schedule service, and pay all online via computer, tablet, or smart phone.
    Trust – Count on us to provide you with a reliable, high quality cleaning service using our experienced service professionals. Our team members arrive on time ready to perform their tasks.
    Service – We understand we must earn your trust, and clean thoroughly and efficiently while respecting your privacy and individual preferences. We are very determined about giving you the best possible cleaning job and satisfying you. We believe by doing so you will stay with us, and recommend us to your friends.
    Eco-friendly Cleaning Products – Eco-friendly, non-toxic, cleaning products represents who we are. We are health conscious, not only for our customers, their children and pets but also for the well-being of our cleaning professionals. Not only are they superior to the majority of other household cleaning products in the way they clean but they smell great too. You can be assured that what we bring with us will not only produce an overall better result but that nothing toxic will be breathed in once our service professionals have gone. Click here to see a list of some of the products we use.