• What about my pets?
  • Please advise us if you have pets and provide any information regarding them that would be helpful for us to know.
    We love pets! Pets are members of your family, and we respect them as such. We use products that are safe for your pets to be around, and we know all of the tricks for getting pet hair out of nooks and crannies.

  • What should I do with my pets during the cleaning?
  • In as much as we love animals, sometimes they don’t love us. Though not a requirement, we prefer pets to be restricted from the areas we clean, so our cleaning professionals can clean your home better and more efficiently. If you think your pet may become overly anxious, we ask that you move them into a closed off room while we are in your home. For sanitary and safety reasons, our teams of residential cleaning professionals are not permitted to clean flea infested homes or handle any type of human or animal waste, or bodily fluids.

  • Do you have a pet charge?
  • Yes, we do – its $25. Homes with pets living in them are dirtier than homes without pets, it’s not a question of simply moving the pet to another room as they are residents, they mostly shed hair; and in terms of cats, have cat dander. The charge is a flat $25 as opposed to $25 per pet.